The Wedding Toast

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The Wedding Toast


Wedding Toast

Before giving a wedding toast or speech, one has to prepare for it properly as it is no easy thing. You have to come up with a good theme of the speech, write it somewhere, and start practicing before the wedding to remove tension and boost your confidence. When writing down your speech, you should consider the relationship of the couples, how you came to know them, their good traits or personality and general ideas about marriage.

Start by introducing yourself and make people know how you are related to the couple. In addition, when you are giving the speech, remember it is not about you, so avoid talking so much about yourself. Talk of how the couples met and how one has helped the other to improve in a particular aspect of life. However, do not make the other feel intimidated or unappreciated. Teasing or jokes about their private lives should be left out because in such events there are family members and parents who should be respected. Remember, it is time for the couples and not their ex-lovers. However close you might be or related to the couples, their past should be left there; to the past. Try as much as possible to avoid being negative, if you are not so sure about something you had better leave it. Make your speech as memorable and humorous as possible while keeping in mind not to cross the line.

Remember to thank the couple for allowing you to be part of their life and how you appreciate the kind of relationship they have with you. Encourage them on their life together and offer to be there when they need you. Wish them all the blessings and happiness that comes in marriage. Since there may be other speakers besides you, make sure you keep your speech short and simple to avoid taking more time than you are allocated.

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