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Wedding Day

Every bride spends weeks looking at the stores, the magazines and searching online to find the perfect wedding dress; the perfect color bridesmaid dresses; the perfect shoes and other accessories. A bride always plans the venue months in advance. Unfortunately, many brides wait to the last minute before their wedding day to plan their makeup for their wedding. That truly is like waiting just days before to pick out a   dress!

Wedding Day

It is important that you are prepared and know what perfect look to wear on your wedding day. Be sure not try something drastic or totally new, but fine tune the look that makes you feel beautiful!

If you wish to contact a makeup expert, ensure you allocate enough time to meet the consultant. The consultant knows what questions to ask you to make the best recommendations.

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TIP #1 Skin Care Before The Wedding:

Good skin care is always imperative for the bride to have the most beautiful glowing look on her wedding day. A bride who is not already using a quality skin care routine should consider her options six to eight weeks before the wedding day. Soap is not a quality skin care routine, and discount bargain items are not formulated to be the best for your skin. Choose a line that you can use all the products that are formulated to work together.

Bridal Skin Care


TIP #2 Wedding dress:

First, you need to look for a wedding dress. This is a statement about you, the wedding, your style. It is what everyone will see you in so make sure you try on a lot of different styles. There are long and short styles, A-line and princess cuts, off the shoulder, long sleeve, everything you can think of. So, be patient, look through the wedding magazines, and start trying them on. Also, don’t bring too many people with you when you make your decision. Everyone will have an opinion, but the most important thing is that you like the dress.

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TIP #3 Wedding Shoes:

Do you want ivory wedding shoes or silver wedding shoes? What color is your dress? How high are your heels? The wedding shoes are the second most important thing to think about for the wedding day outfit, right after your wedding dress. So, think through the color, the style, the heel height and then go shopping. Also, make sure you bring them on your fitting day so you can get your dress altered to the right height.

Wedding Shoe Bridal Shoes Wedding Shoe


TIP #4 Bridal Makeup:

Fashion comes and goes as often as the season changes. Trends range back and forth as easily as a pendulum keeps time. One thing for sure – the trend will change. When choosing your bridal makeup – make a decision if you want to look classic and timeless or if you wish for a trendy look of the day. It is important to look just like yourself. Remember the groom asked the real you to marry him and he wants to see the real you at the altar!


Bridal Makeup Wedding Makeover Bridal Makeover Vintage Wedding Makeup

Time of Day For The Wedding:

You as the bride should consider the time of day the wedding will be held as you plan your makeup. Time of day is critical to how well the makeup will photograph because of the varied lighting. Paying attention to details for each time frame is essential to have the wedding photographs of your dreams!

Morning Bride:

A Bridal wedding makeup look for the morning should be soft and natural. It is the perfect time for a girl who prefers natural looks. Most of the morning brides have their wedding outside or, at least, take lots of photos outside. A photographer will take advantage of the soft natural light in the morning.


Midday Bride:

Mid-day weddings must take into account that the mid-day sun may cast shadows on your face. It makes a quite big difference if you are taking photos outdoors.

Late-Afternoon Bride:

If you want to add a little more drama to your makeup, take advantage of the golden light in the late afternoon. This light is beautiful and forgiving.

Evening Bride:

The evening bride is the glamor queen. More makeup and color will photograph well in the evening much better than any other time of the day. You may do darker shades of the eye shadow to make your makeup more dramatic.

TIP #5 Wedding hair accessories:

This is another component of your outfit. You will need something to put in your hair. Or, you can opt for nothing. It highly depends on what look you wish to have. Some women buy a tiara so they can look like a princess. Some go for a headband, so it is not too flashy. Others will buy clips and combs or put flowers in their hair. Whatever you choose, make sure you try it on with your hair stylist before the big day.

TIP #6 Wedding Undergarments:

What you wear underneath will affect how the dress falls and how you feel. If you have a dress with a thick material, this is not as important since it will hide granny pants as well as thongs. If you have a thin dress, make sure that you wear undergarments that do not have lines. Finally, decide on whether or not you want to add Spanx to your outfit to make you look skinnier on that day.

wedding undergarments wedding undergarments wedding panties

TIP #7 Wedding Jewelry:

This is the final thing to buy. Wedding earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Some of you may only buy or find one of these items. Sometimes, you can find the items in your closet or your mother’s closet. Whatever you find, make sure you have it before the big day.

Final words:

Remember, this is one of the most important days of your life as a bride. Bridesmaid’s makeup can be soft and complement them and the wedding color, but it is your day. Your bridesmaids will appreciate consideration of what is most flattering with their features too!

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