KAUAI Silicone Engagement Wedding Rings: Kauai Comfortable Marriage Bands for Men: Non Conductive Rubber Metal Free Jewelry, Anniversaries, Proposals, Sports, Gym, Work, Military Police


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Your Professional Grade Kauai ring is made only from the finest Medical-Grade silicone (much more costly than simple rubber). Kauai silicone rings are the perfect alternative to the traditional metal band. Kauai’s motto: ‘Go Where Life Takes You’ allows you live your life without interruptions. With Kauai, you can sit back and let life guide your path. Explore new places, whether it’s going to the gym, going to work, hiking a mountain, or any other high endurance activity, occupation or lifestyle. With Kauai, you can just LIVE and ‘Go Where Life Takes You’ without having to stop and remove your metal band. Your Kauai ring is simple, masculine, classic. You won’t find a higher quality silicone ring anywhere else. Kauai rings are ‘true to size’ according to the Industry Standard. We have had them sized at 2 different Jewelers for accuracy; and the ring diameter (not circumference) is as follows: Size 8=18.2 Size 9=18.9mm Size 10= 19.8mm Size 11 =20.6 mm We at Kauai Innovations have a LIFETIME guarantee and will always accept returns for a replacement ring. **Shipped from the USA and fulfilled by Amazon NOTE***THE KAUAI RING YOU SEE IN THE PHOTOS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVETOP RATED 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ★★★★★

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Your Kauai Ring Has A Matte Brushed Type Finish That Gives The Illusion Of Metal. We Use Only Pure Medical Grade Quality Silicone. It’s HypoAllergenic, Non Conductive, and Non Porous. Dirt, Oil, And Paint Will Easily Wash Off The Silicone. You Are Guaranteed To Love Your Kauai Ring Or Your Money Back.
ATHLETIC LIFESTYLE COMFORT: Perfect For Weight Lifting, Extreme Sports, Hiking, Hazardous Occupation Approved. Soft, Smooth, & Pliable With No Hard Edges. The Simple & Elegant Alternative To The Traditional Wedding Ring.
SAFE DURABILITY: Safe Around Machinery. The Proprietary Blend Of Silicone Used Will Withstand The Toughest Weather Conditions Without Cracking Or Drying Out. Stretches 10 Times Itself While Maintaining It’s Original Shape And Size. Designed To Break Away At 43 Lbs Of Pressure for Safety. Heat Resistance Up To 400 Degrees Without Melting, Or Distorting It’s Shape.
OUR KAUAI MISSION: Explore. Go Wherever Life Takes You. With Kauai, You Can Live Your Life Without Interruptions. Whether It’s Going To The Gym, Going To Work, or Planning Your Next Adventure, You Never Again Have To Remove Your Wedding Band Before Enjoying Life.
MANUFACTURER FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY: With The Free Replacement Forever Guarantee, You Never Need To Buy Another Ring. So If It’s Not Working, Or Fitting, Or Standing Up To It’s Task, You Can Send it Back For A Replacement.

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