Bespoke Bridal Gowns: Dresses for your Shape


Everyone knows that the most important purchase for your wedding is the dress, and with so many styles, designers, and bridal salons, it is also usually the most difficult purchase. However, if you have an idea, a theme, or a style in mind, then speaking to a creator of bespoke bridal gowns might be the best bet for finding that perfect dress for your body shape. This guide will give ideas and suggestions about dress features that will help you to be your beautiful self on your special day.

Pear-shaped figure

If your hips are wider than your shoulders you might be described as having a pear-shaped figure. One style that looks fantastic on this type of figure is the dress with the tied or cinched waist and a skirt with a sturdy fabric that drifts away from the waist to the floor. A spaghetti-strapped bodice will help to show off your shoulders and neck for a lovely (and sexy) look.


Designers of bespoke bridal gowns will help create a dress that highlights your body’s natural features. Pick a classic and simple style that will fit with your height and shape. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved dress, be sure that they come past your wrists, and an extra-long hemline will really make this dress really special.

For Busty Women

Lucky you! Though, when trying to find a dress that fits, having large breasts doesn’t feel so lucky. Choosing a designer of bespoke bridal gowns can really help in creating a dress that will highlight all your beautiful features. If you’re going for a dress with straps, pick one with a scooping neckline, which will open up your face, and if you want to go strapless, try a bust with a small dip in the centre or, better yet, a sweetheart shape.

Petite women

Wedding dresses that suit shorter and more petite women can be difficult to find, but going with a custom design can help you to get that style that you’ve been after. A designer of bespoke bridal gowns can help you pick the features that will make your dress truly amazing, and not just that off-the-rack look which so often doesn’t work for shorter women. You should consider styles that have a higher waistline and a clean, sleek skirt that’s nice and long. Make sure that the fabric on the skirt is simple, and if you want extra detailing or lace it looks best when limited to the bodice.

Remember that everyone’s body is different and unique, and your wedding should be a special day where you celebrate friends, family, and your partner – not be fidgeting in an uncomfortable gown. Love your body, and you’ll look great in anything!

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