A Ceremony With a Twist: Having Fun With Unique Wedding Themes


Themes are a common way to tie together the look of your wedding to ensure a polished look, where everything fits. However a bride who wants her wedding to express the personality of the couple could hardly be satisfied with the common seasonal themes that tell guests nothing about the couple.

The Old Hollywood Theme

The Old Hollywood theme is perfect for any bride who wants one day to feel like a glamorous celebrity. No poufy cupcake dresses for this bride – instead the look is entirely about sleek form flattering gowns. The perfect setting for an Old Hollywood theme would be an old movie theater, a vintage style hotel, an old-fashioned formal restaurant, or the easier to find option of a gorgeous ballroom. Everything should ooze glamor and timeless elegance. Decorate with sleek displays of calla lilies and roses. Send out invitations or save-the-dates styled after movie tickets. As long as you do not forget the swing band or a jazz lounge singer, you'll be good to go!

Rustic Theme

The rustic theme gives a lot for a couple to work with. This could take place in a quaint barnyard, a charming vineyard, a classic log cabin, or even a cornfield. String twinkling lights around, and Let Mother Nature be your guide. Earthy tones are abundant, and gifts from nature are the main decorations. Fill vases with vibrant fruit, and surround candleholders with asparagus or cinnamon to decorate the reception. For dinner, serve comfort food, including a dessert incorporating the local fruit. Small pumpkins can serve as place marks for guests, or even be written on to identify items on the menu.


Perfect for a wedding on a yacht or a coastal club, the Nautical theme is for the couple who loves the water. Colors could include the classic navy and white, springy navy and yellow, or even an aqua with red.Take the dinner to the theme too – serve coastal classics such as mini lobster rolls for an appetizer, with clam chowder on the menu.

Dinner table decorations can include napkins tied in twine, and even tiny buckets or glass vases filled with multicolored shells. Mini lanterns can light the edges of paths for guests, or simply be used as decorations for tables. Send guests home with favors of miniature beach pails filled with candies and leave a basket of flip flops out for them to trade their formal wear for – just leave the sand out!


Wait a second, did not we say unique wedding themes? Well, yes. Instead of opting for the traditional fairytale wedding, theme the wedding around your favorite novel. Alice in Wonderland fans may choose to have a garden reception, with a topsy turvy cake, and decorations of flowers or candles inside mismatched teacups. Other decorations for the tables could include gold timepieces or clocks and rabbit statues. Brave brides may even have their guests rotate around their table during meal interventions for a truly festive feel.

Fans of the Wizard of Oz might opt ​​for a yellow brick road aisle runner at the ceremony before retiring to a green lit ballroom reception, with golden tablecloths. If available, red poppies can decorate both the ceremony and reception venue. Sugar or clay poppies can decorate a tall cake under a rainbow backdrop. Of course, the bride should be wearing her own ruby ​​red slippers.

A couple that loves Broadway or Phantom of the Opera can throw a true masquerade. To begin the ceremony with the ideal feel, ask your officiant to wear the traditional Phantom mask and cape. Decorate a glamorous ballroom with tall focal points of red roses, and have a fog machine run before your grand entrance to the reception for a mystical feel. Guests can be given decorative masks to wear during the reception as they dance to music played by organ under a large chandelier.

Carnival Theme

Evoke the feeling of pure fun with your wedding! Turn any outdoor wedding into a carnival with decorations of multi-colored balloons and stands with carnival games like ring toss or duck pond and desserts of mini candy apples, cotton candy and even donuts served with gourmet dipping sauce. Tent the reception or look into renting your local state fair grounds. Typical fair food can be included in the dinner menu with miniature hot dogs, decadent pizza, and grilled BBQ options. If you do not want a traditional dinner, look into renting real fair carts that serve food.

With so many theme options available, take some time to decide what suits your ideal wedding. When choosing a theme, think about what aspects are important to you and your partner, and how you want to relay them to guests. Take your first steps together as a married couple while showing friends and family how you interpreted your relationship, and what is important for you.

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