The Importance of Beautiful Blouses For A Woman’s Wardrobe

Blouses are clothing attire made specifically for women and which can be worn in either formal or casual gatherings. Blouses are typically available in different cuts or styles to suit different kinds of gatherings both formal and informal. A blouse is particularly good for occasions such as parties, informal get-togethers and could also even be used in weddings and other special occasions. And depending on a girl’s physique and her figure there are different kinds of blouses to compliment her prominent physical attributes or features.

The blouse is a dress proprietary only for women, meaning that it has no equivalent in men’s clothing. Beautiful blouses are worn by girls and ladies and women in general to show off their femininity in much the same way as men wear jeans as a show of masculinity. However unlike jeans which can be used in an almost day to day basis a lady’s blouse is usually worn on occasions that women deem to be special. And in choosing a blouse most women would usually choose modest colors for them to be able to flaunt or show off how elegant they are. And in order to remain elegant women follow the trends established by the times. Blouses are also offered in varying sizes, and can be worn by the young and old women alike, but usually the elegance and beauty of a blouse is much more appreciated on ladies and young women.

Blouses typically portray a woman’s stature in society and her lifestyle as well. In order to look fashionable and hip women use blouses as well as other types of dresses and accessories to be recognized as well as to be in. Not all blouses are alike generally there are blouses made with the seasons in mind. Obviously a blouse made for the summer season will be out of place if worn during winter, so aside from being a fashion item, blouses also reflect the changes in the seasons as well as in a woman’s heart. Ladies have been known to go all out in terms of buying dresses, especially beautiful blouses or blouses they consider as beautiful to add to their wardrobe.

The usual styles and patterns for blouses and dresses in general, in the summertime in America would be those that have floral prints and are flowing and have light weight materials. In order to beat the summertime heat, blouses with pastel colors are usually worn. And come winter time there is a shift in blouse styles and colors, like from the light pastel colors in the summer to darker shades like black colored blouses during the winter time. This shift also makes the women wearing the blouses appear sexier and more chic, and would also help conserve heat in the cold winter months. So in essence blouses are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe not only because of its myriad uses, but also because it is an enduring symbol of woman empowerment in today’s generation and possibly in future generations, all over the world.

Source by Jared E. Ingram

Spectacular 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Known as the Diamond Wedding Anniversary, the 60th was being added by Queen Victoria when she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee on her 60th anniversary of accession to the throne in 1897. Originally, being the 75th, the association became fashionable to high society from thereon.

A couple is blessed enough to attain their 60th wedding anniversary. They have been together longer to probably know each other. Most people at this age are not much of a material possessor. The most important thing to decide is to make this event a memorable one. But one thing for sure, they still need any form of love and appreciation. So after all, one could imagine there is still more to be given.

60th wedding anniversary gift ideas are generally diamond-themed. Give diamond rings to each other and let it be a perfect symbol of this day’s affair so that you can cherish the memories associated with it in the next years to come.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the 60th year anniversary. A party would be great to lighten up the mood of the couple. Surprise them with dinner party for family and a few close family friends. Make it the playground for the minds to meet, reminiscing the highlights of the 60 years together.

In doing so, select pictures of the couple, their children, great grandchildren, friends projected in a screen enhanced with transitions, animations, and music on the era of the couple’s marriage. This would mostly melt their hearts out. In addition, speak of times past and of how much the couple mean of those present looking forward to the future and end with a toast. Poetic family members can add an unusual and catchy ending to the speech.

Use sparkly glitter on centerpieces and work with silverware and crystal glasses to accompany the theme given. You can put together a bouquet of white flowers, since there are no flowers traditionally associated with this anniversary. Garnish it silver-themed gift wrap and balloons.

Modern ideas to celebration would include an exciting and spectacular display of fireworks. The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China where they were first to use it to drive away evil spirits and long for happiness and prosperity. But to the elderly couple, a gaze of that sparkles would mean a never ending love on each other.

Needless to say, this is quite an accomplishment for the couple. AN ideal gift from the spouse would be a love poem or something of a sentimental value. If you opt to really purchase a gift, try a vacation cruise, family portrait platter, signature platters, custom painting, and other personalized home decors.

Endless as it seems, this rare day marks an extra special 60th anniversary gift from the Queen of England, who sends custom messages to someone who is a British citizen. Relatively, US citizens can get their respective personalized messages from the White House, while Australians can ask the Prime Minister of Australia for a greeting.

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Wedding Traditions are Cultural in Venezuela

Venezuela culture is a product of wide influence from American Indians, Spanish, Africans, Italians, Portuguese, Germans, Arabs and others from South America countries. Wedding traditions cultural in Venezuela is therefore as diverse as the many cultures that have made them what they are today. One of the common cultural wedding traditions in Venezuela that people from Toronto would be amazed at is that of bridal couples sneaking from the reception unnoticed. Venezuelans have continued with this tradition since they believe it brings good luck to those who have just married and is therefore done in good faith. Visitors from Toronto attending weddings of friends and loved ones in Venezuela get alarmed when they realize they cannot trace the bride and groom and yet the rest of the people appear disinterested in their whereabouts. It can be very alarming for a person who does not understand this tradition because the wedding day is mainly for the couple whose presence is vital. Guests are encouraged to eat drink and continue making merry even in the absence of the bridal couple.

Wedding traditions cultural in Venezuela incorporates ethnicity through the food. Caterers serve food from Spanish, Africa, Portuguese, Amerindian, Italian or any other ethnic culture named above. Wedding traditions cultural in Venezuela is very festive and colorful. Visitor from Toronto enjoy these weddings that major on merrymaking, music and food. They are also very colorful and this is mostly seen in how the Venezuelans decorate their venues and themselves. Another aspect of the wedding traditions cultural in Venezuela is that both the flower girl and ring bearer wear clothing, which is similar to the bridal couple in design. This is very unique and rare in Toronto where the flower girl especially may wear a wide range of clothes from princess to pleats depending on age and size. In Toronto the bride may prefer designs that are very mature for a flower girl such as strapless, halter or another design that requires a well formed body and curves that the flower girl may not have. Due to these factors rarely do the bride and her flower girl wear the same design in most parts of the world making this a very unique wedding tradition in Venezuela.

Another tradition involves an exchange of thirteen coins. Some families prefer to use chocolate coins that have been wrapped in gold foil as facsimiles. These coins are commonly referred to as Aras. These coins can be presented by the groom or the bride’s father. When the groom presents the coins this symbolizes his willingness and love to support his bride. If they are presented by the father of the bride they symbolize the dowry for the bride. This is a very unique practice since most traditions do not require the family of the bride to pay dowry instead they receive dowry from the family of the groom. It is likely that these wedding traditions cultural in Venezuela came about from the Indian influence since this group of people is known to practice this tradition to this day.

Source by Rafi Michael

5 Things to Do In Texas That Are Extra Fun During Fall and Winter

When you are searching for things to do in Texas, you don’t have to look too hard. With beaches, mountains, deserts, lakes, piney woods and everything in between, you can always find something fun and something new to explore. If you are looking for new spots to soak in during the fall and winter months, then never fear: Texas will deliver. Just take a look at some of the following fabulous options for making the cooler (or rather, less hot) months as great as your summer memories:

Dickens on the Strand

Hosted every December, Galveston truly delivers when it comes to bringing the past to the present. Each year, thousands of visitors and habitants alike dress in period attire to pay homage to their favorite English writer, Charles Dickens. Enjoy a good brew at Fezziwig’s Hall and then take to the streets for the festival. You will see bag pipers, jugglers, carolers, and street vendors. Great for children and adults alike, the holiday spirit is infectious. Plus, there is just nothing like seeing hundreds of people dressed like English characters from the beloved stories of “The Christmas Carol” and “Great Expectations.”

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

If you are looking for something truly peaceful and unique, then you should definitely stop in at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm in Brenham, Texas. With beautiful scenery, the owners invite visitors to picnic in the fields, making this place one of the more fun things to do in Texas. There is also a beautiful gift shop, enabling you to start your Christmas shopping early. And of course, with the fragrant lavender blooming in the field, many folks choose to cut their own. The farm offers different events, and plays host to weddings, as well. The best times to visit are August-November, so call ahead to check on the progress of lavender.

The Jersey Barnyard

With so many folks migrating to the big cities, many children (and adults!) grow up not realizing from where exactly their food comes. Thankfully, there are a few farms in Texas that are opening their doors to families, inviting visitors to take a look at the exciting farm life. The Jersey Barnyard in LaGrange, Texas is just such a place. The farm offers tours and milking sessions, where participants can milk the cows. In the fall, children love to visit the pumpkin patch. The farm offers activities like pumpkin painting and cheese making. Call ahead to check out the tour times, and don’t forget to ask about their ice cream.

San Antonio Riverwalk

Most Texans are familiar with the San Antonio Riverwalk. However, not as many realize that the Riverwalk is beautiful during the fall and winter months. Decked out in lights for Christmas, many restaurants and bars offer specials during the holidays. Add these romantic things to do in Texas to your itinerary!

Little Bethlehem in Burnet, Texas

Located northwest of Austin and Houston, the First Baptist Church in Burnet, Texas really puts on a great show the first two weekends in December. Essentially church members and citizens in the town gather together to recreate the town of Bethlehem during the birth of Jesus. With camels and donkeys and folks dressed as Roman guards and shepherds, visitors love this free event. Be forewarned that there can be a bit of a wait, but your children will thank you for your patience when they taste the Bethlehem bread and see Mary and Joseph.

Source by Kaitlyn LaPenn

Involving Grandparents in Your Wedding

A wedding can be a wonderful event that draws the generations of a family together. When the bride or groom is especially close to one of their grandparents, it will make the wedding even more meaningful to include them in some way. These are some ideas on how to involve your grandparents in your wedding.

When the bride is close to her grandmother, there are actually quite a few ways to honor this special relationship. It can start when she becomes engaged. If your grandma lives nearby, invite her to join you when you go shopping for pearl bridal jewelry and your wedding gown. It will be so special to have her there when you find your dream gown! Ask your grandmother to see pictures of her wedding dress and to hear the story of how it was selected. She will love sharing her photos with you, and you may just be surprised to learn the story of how her dress was picked – the chances are that her mother chose it for her.

Grandparents will love being asked to take a role in your wedding ceremony. If your grandfather happens to be a pastor, see if he would like to officiate your wedding. It would make it incredibly meaningful. Of course, there are many other ways they can be involved, even if they cannot preside over the service. Brides who will not have their father walk them down the aisle might ask their grandfather to do the honor. Or they could see if their grandmother would like to do a ceremony reading. Be sure to designate your grandparents as VIPs by giving your grandfather a boutonierre and your grandmother a corsage to wear.

If your grandparents have special talents, they might love being invited to help out with some aspect of your wedding. Perhaps your grandmother is an incredible baker; making your wedding cake might be a labor of love for her. Maybe your grandfather is a master craftsman – he could build a special arbor for an outdoor ceremony. Obviously you should only ask your grandparents to make things if they would enjoy it, rather than feeling roped in to some big task. You could also choose to use something that one of your grandparents previously gave you in your wedding plans, such as a handmade quilt to decorate a wall or drape on a Chuppah.

Couples often like to honor their grandparents by replicating something from their wedding. The bride could have her florist make a bridal bouquet that features the same types of flowers her grandma carried down the aisle. She might also wish to borrow a special brooch from her grandmother to pin to her bouquet wrap. Ideally, the design of the brooch will complement the bride’s crystal or pearl bridal jewelry. Other ideas include getting married in the same church as your grandparents did or dancing to the same first song as they did. It will be really fun to work on the wedding details with them, and the experience is sure to bring you even closer together.

Source by Guy Antonelli

What to Consider When Thinking About Starting a Security Camera Installation Company

It is it a good idea to start a Security Camera Installation company and what things should you consider. Is this a good idea? That is a very difficult question. I can tell you what I think of the industry and where I think things are going. It being a good idea is something you need to explore as a part of what you want to do in pursuing your interests and your passions.

I think that is a bigger question to answer. Is having a safety and security business something you have a very strong desire to do? Do you see yourself doing this for a very long time and loving doing it? So if the answer is yes to that then here are my thoughts.

This is a very competitive industry as are many. There are many great systems out there that you can sell and install and you have to choose the few best you will work with. Everything is converging on IP networks. Security, phones, IT. How do you fit in to all of that?

How can you position yourself differently from every other security installer out there? What “value” do you bring that is better, faster, cheaper (whatever your mantra is) than what they have to offer? What is that USP, the Unique Selling Proposition, or Value Proposition. How can you make your customers life easier? Safer? Etc.

What are the major problems facing businesses right now? Is security the top issue? Maybe not. Increasing revenue and growth and helping their cash flow are definitely big issues. Is there a way to take the technology and help to reduce costs, or even grow revenue?

Example: Customer has beautiful gardens on their location and they occasionally have weddings. What if you could stream live video and audio to the website and the customer can charge a fee to allow family members that could not attend to watch the wedding and interact with the guests?

Example: Customer has multiple locations and they have security people at each location even when there is no one else around. Why not pull the video to a central location so one of the other security people can monitor the site and therefore eliminate the need for security at a location when no one is there.

I would look at how you can do all of the security in a very easy to use integrated way. So that you can pull in the intrusion, video and access control together as much as possible. You have to focus on the problems with real solid solutions and be at least 10 percent better than the competition.

You will also want to look at how you can get ongoing revenue by doing live monitoring. You can set that up yourself or outsource that. As well as combining equipment and service in a “lease” agreement and lock in your customers for 2 or 3 years at a time.

So is it a good idea? Security is and will be a growing market. There are many security installers out there that are not focused on how technology is changing and how to find new ways to use the technology to solve customers problems. If you can do that effectively then yes I think it is a great idea. There is competition, but there is always room for someone that can do it better and out hustle the competition. I also recommend you get your website right as the foundation of all your other marketing efforts. If you need help with that let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Source by Peter Brissette

Visiting Nidhivan at Vrindavan: A Love Cohort

I see them at a mountain. I meet them along the beach and I enjoy with them at night safaris. Images of these adventurous people, who travel to various corners of India, constantly flit through my mind. But, here I am not discussing any of these. I am not even off to Kerala to witness the backwaters, or breathtaking Sikkim or a zillion other destinations. I am at a place, which is about 130 kilometers from New Delhi.

In a land of over 4,000 temples devoted to Lord Krishna nothing prepared me for this wondrous one that our rickshaw, which is a 3-wheeled transport took us to. This temple is at Vrindavan, the place where the heart of Lord Krishna resides.

Narrow lanes, open drains, unruly traffic was a humble sight. All along the stretch we saw shops adorned with colorful attires to decorate the deity. There were crowns, swings, flutes, and other musical instruments which were synonymous to this God. Here, cows were the kings and monkeys wheeled, reeled, and frolicked. There was a live sense of Radha (Lord Krishna’s friend) in every single grain of the soil. Had I not attended a wedding here, this town would not have appeared in my travel itinerary. The mystic love of Radha-Krishna soaks you when you visit this town. What comes alive when you are dead drowned in love is an indescribable union of two intimate souls; the ardor was palpable in every grain of soil here.

Those in love must visit this temple to feel the sublime tranquility of their love. As our vehicle took us to winding roads, these periodic chants wafted toward me. Seated in it, a smile adorned my lips when from all over and around the same chant Radhe-Radhe knocked my ears. The vehicle drivers steered cleared their vehicle amicably through a dense crowd, all along mouthing the same chant. Through the alleys meandering like the river itself it was like a breathtaking drama that only this place could create. It is on these roads that many a story about this immortal love was woven.

I am at Nidhivan now. It is also known as Madhuvan. If you have in your imagination a temple building with ornate pillars, ostentatious God’s pictures, plush flooring then it is not this temple. It is beautifully different! I would quote it as a forest temple with plants and trees, which makes it unique. It has an amazingly beautiful and peaceful environment where you can feel the love and peace within. It is one with its own uniqueness and the first of its kind I have ever experienced!

As we entered the gate we met this guide. As he took us down the trees I thought there would be a temple somewhere inside, but soon I realized that this forest cover of whooping Sixteen Thousand One Hundred and Eight trees was the temple, and one of the most significant and popular temples of this town! What one felt and what transpired was beyond description. There were many such trees showered with red vermilion interspersed in the pathways. They prohibited touching it or applying it on trees unless you went for a prayer ritual.

This temple is full of divine energy. The trees were all bent towards the ground as if showed reverence and respect to the Lord. The forest cover with beautiful thick shrubs was densely populated with leaves. One sees a main trunk and along with it innumerable strong branches in serpentine fashion with leaves in abundance. The constant growth of secondary shoots and a host of tertiary branches together formed an amalgamated complex branch system that if you wanted to trace the branches you would end up in vain. These trees were two types. The ones with small white flowers were Gopis (the generic name for Radha’s friends) and those without it depicted Krishna.

The devotees who visited this temple have the belief that Krishna still appears there in the night. The legend has it that at night all these flowering trees converted them into living beings and danced around Krishna. It is a spiritually blessed temple where spontaneous overflow of devotion flows every time. This is the only place which makes you imagine how this town looked like Five Hundred years ago as the area is left untouched and kept in the same natural way. They have not cut down the trees. A group of devotees looked after these sacred trees.

Swami Haridasa, said to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna’s friend Lalita was a divine saint who sat in the periphery of this forest garden and spent his life in His devotion composing and singing songs in His praise. He stayed away from worldly pleasures and left his village to a secluded spot in a dense forest years ago.This, which is now known as Nidhivan. As a result of his spiritual aspirations and hard penance, the Lord not only came in his dream, but also appeared here in person.

Traversing the serpentine pathways we went to various spots within the temple. About 20 steps down a narrow staircase, we saw a sacred well created by the Lord Himself, with the help of his flute to relieve the thirst of his friend Vishakha. Hence, it is known as Vishakha-Kund. There was a bed for the divine couple to rest and a room where the Lord decorated his beloved before a dance performance.

This temple lived with a mysterious concept. They believed that after the sacred process of vespers at 8 P.M. no one stayed in its premises. In case anyone did, he/she either died or was too ill to utter a word!

What I heard and saw at this love temple is something which I have never probably felt in any other temple and this alone made me so curious to pen.

Source by Bindu Saxena

Shopping for Food in the Rosarito Area Supermarkets, Baja

Most of us are daunted when we come here, expecting the supermarkets to be just like in the US. When I first came to the area, 9 years ago, there were but two older supermarkets, Calimax and the Commercial. Commercial has added a newer, bigger store. WalMart descended about 3 years ago with a superstore which includes food. Coupons are not used here, so there is not a frenzy of marketing for these items. Calimax does offer a savers card to track your purchases. Every item has two prices, one with the card and one without. It is common to give a small tip. The same goes for the baggers of your groceries. It is easy to come out with the same amount of groceries one would purchase in the states for about half the price. California being one of the highest price places I have ever lived for food, this seems like a big bonus.

The first thing I noticed in all of them were the bakeries, located close to the entrance. They are self serve. One takes a pizza pan, a pair of tongs, and starts selecting from mostly strange looking pastries. The only ones I was familiar with were the Mexican wedding cakes. Big puffs of what look like cookies with sprinkled sugar, in different colors and sizes. Other cookies and muffins in different looking textures and colors from what we are used to up north. Since it seems prudent to try new things in a new country, I would select about 8 and take them home to try. My favorites turned out to be pastries shaped like butterflies, coated with honey and baked until rather brown. Almost everything comes with sprinkled sugar it seems. The sugar is mostly on the outside, as many pastries are not very sweet, rather heavy in texture, without a lot of the flavors like lemon or almond we are used to having. The cakes tend to be more flavorful and moist, so I would recommend sticking to them for your sweets. The breads are good. Quite reasonably priced, about thirty cents for a roll about five inches longbaked several times a day. Some shoppers load up their pizza pans with about twenty or thirty of these right after they come out of the ovens.

Produce is cheaper here than in the states, as are many grocery items like meats, cheeses, fish and the like. Do not expect 3 to 4 aisles of prepared frozen food. Or as large an array of different items as you might expect. Most food down here is cooked from scratch. You can purchase a frozen pizza, but the quality is not very good. Tuesdays are the value days at the Commercials and WalMart, with loss leaders like 10 grapefruit for a dollar. These days can be crowded so prepare yourself for that. Overflowing displays of produce, select your own cuts of meat from a refrigerated cart.

You will see more produce indigenous to Mexico, like papayas, plantains, and mangoes. The Mexicans use a lot of plum tomatoes and different chili peppers. Dried peppers are also found in the produce department. These are quite flavorful and excellent with beans, pozole, pots of chili. Some of the best salsas I have had used dried chipotle peppers which gives them a depth of flavor. Cilantro and parsley abound, but not basil or other specialty herbs not commonly grown here. Canned tomatoes are not a common item here, but the Mexican tomatoes are often fresh from local fields and smell like tomatoes are supposed to smell.

You might wonder about knowing Spanish. A little bit certainly does not hurt, but pointing at pork chops and showing four fingers works quite well. Pounds are not used, kilos are. A kilo is about two pounds. If you want a half kilo of turkey ham, you ask for media kilo. The cost for this approximate pound of turkey ham is three dollars. The cuts of meats are different. Pork chops are often about a half inch. Plenty of ground beef and good. Beef is sliced into smallish slices and used mostly for carne asada. The taco stands use this most of the time. It is not aged or marbled, and probably grass fed beef. The pork is delicious and also of good value. Chicken is wonderfully cheap if you like leg and thigh pieces, generally around sixty cents a pound. It mostly comes frozen.

Most of the cereals will look different. One of the items I like a lot in the cereal aisle is the boxed milk. I first saw boxed milk in France years ago. It is so handy to use and lasts a lot longer than the milk in the dairy case. The baking aisle will not have everything you are used to see either. Less mixes. More kinds of flour for tortillas. Hard pressed to find yeast or baking powder in less than gigantic sizes. Chocolate chips maybe, but not butterscotch or the other myriad flavors for baking.

The cleaning aisles will not have 30 different kinds of laundry soap which I find refreshing. Some of the specialty items like hard water spot remover are not to be had, either. Pretty basic stuff like bleaches, floor cleaning solutions, dish soaps, and ammonia.

Some people prefer the taste of certain American items like butter and wait until they cross the border to purchase them. Many complain about the lack of flavor in the beef, though the chicken has more flavor. It all takes some getting used to. Experiment a bit, try new items when you shop and compare for yourself. You will find shopping for food in Mexico a pleasure if you go in with an open mind.

Source by Susan A Mahalick

How to Start a Party Favor Business

Weddings, birthdays, and parties take place everyday. Your services as a party favor specialist are in demand. Making favors or keepsakes for parties can be fun, enjoyable and profitable. As a party favor specialist for over ten years, it’s not as hard as you think to get started.

Getting Started

Do you like going to parties or showers? Do color schemes excite you? If so, then this business is for you. The main idea to creating a party favor is keeping the occasion in mind. Usually, your customer will choose the color scheme they desire, but just in case you are asked to suggest something, keep in mind the occasion, time of day and the season of the year.

The key to a great favor is neatness. No one wants to hand out favors that are messy, falling apart or just down right dirty. As a favor specialist, your attention to detail is a must. All favors you create must be closely identical to each other. This is the beauty of a keepsake. They all look alike. You don’t want the guest to fight over which one they want to pick up. If they all look the same, that’s an excellent accomplishment.

Jumpstart your favor business today!

Simple Start-Up Supplies

The following list of supplies will get you started making favors this week! (see 4 simple profitable favors below)

An order pad with carbon copy

Glue gun – does not have to be high powered. I bought mine for less than $5 and it still works!

Glue Sticks

Candy – individually wrapped


Small rubber bands (preferably black)

You will need a store where you can order your printed ribbons and tulle in various colors. There are many online places if you do not know of a supplier in your area. Simply google: printed ribbons, personalized ribbons or ribbons for keepsakes

How to deal with clients?

Be very specific with client orders. Have clients write down their colors, the amount and all specifics name and date on an order pad. Clients are easily quieted if they see their own instructions written down. Verify spelling, date and all other pertinent information. Once ribbons are printed they can not be redone without incurring additional expense.

How do I make a price list?

Excellent question! What is the sense of having a business if it is not profitable? You have to make a price list and stick to it. The most efficient way to make a pricelist is to know how much your expenses are. As an average rule of thumb, I add anywhere from .50 to $1.00 to each favor after, I’ve calculated the expense of the favor.


Lollipop favor*

Lollipop – $.15 each (wholesale)

Tulle – $.5 each (25 in a pack for $1)

Rubber band $.01(wholesale pack)

Printed Ribbon $.25 each

Total cost to make lollipop favor: $.46

I’d charge at least $.75 – $1.00 to make a profit and to cover labor. Remember to value your time!

*Please note, these prices are based on wholesale quantities and my personal experience. Individual results may vary.

How to organize your favors?

In the beginning, you may only offer a few favors. Organize ribbons, by color, type and size. Decorate a colored post board (the one kids use for science projects) with the various favors you offer. Place your business name at the top. Glue actual favors or pictures of the favors onto the post board using a hot glue gun from your supplies.

You can jumpstart your business today by getting this FREE REPORT – How to Make 4 Simple Profitable Today!

Source by Wanza Leftwich

Brazilian Wedding Traditions

Brazilian Weddings are rich in tradition and culture. They are often very expensive and the bride’s parents usually pay for the wedding, but that is becoming less common because of the overall cost. Brazil is a Christian nation and, therefore, holds several customs similar to other Christian regions; however, there are a few traditions that are different.

Wedding Rings

Unlike in the US, engagement rings are not that important and instead the couple exchange wedding rings. The rings are placed on the right hand and then are switched to the left hand during the wedding ceremony. It is customary for the bride and groom to write each other names on their ring. It is considered bad luck to drop the ring during the ring exchange and is told that the marriage would not last if it was to happen.

Kitchen Shower

Unlike a typical wedding shower that is done in other countries, in Brazil they throw what is called a Kitchen Shower. It used to be a small gathering of close friends of the bride so that they may catch up and give gifts that the bride will use for her kitchen. However, the gatherings have been getting bigger and not even men are able to join.

Wedding Party

A Brazilian bride may wear whatever color dress she wants, but white is a tradition. However, it is custom to wear golden shoes. It is considered bad luck for the bridesmaids to match; therefore no two people are able to wear the same color. Unlike in the US and other European countries that pick out their grooms-men months in advance, in Brazil, the groom could wait up to the last hour before picking his. The wedding party is often three couples who are very close to the bride and groom, they however do not have to be in a relationship together.

Before the Ceremony

It is a tradition that the day before the wedding the Brazilian bride and her family go to a spa to take a break. There they can get a message, as well as do their hair, hair and make-up before the big day. However, when the wedding actually is there, it is a tradition for the bride to be at least 10 minutes late, for it is considered it good luck. There are times where the groom and the rest of the guests have to wait a few hours before the bride finally shows for her big day.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is done like most Christian weddings. However, some differences are that the bride has two flower girls accompanying her, one that distributes the flowers and the other one who is more like a ring bearer. Then the bride and groom will recite their vows and then switch their rings from their right hand to their left hand to symbolize the change from betrothed to marry. Most wedding ceremonies can last up to an hour, but at other times it could last even longer.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is a huge party that the guest and newly-wed couple drinks, dance, and give speeches. One tradition is for the couple to exchange presents to their parents. Often the bride will take off her shoes and place them in the middle of the dance floor. As the guest dance around, they will drop money into the shoes to help support the newlywed’s financial future. Instead of a wedding favor, it is custom to give a Brazilian sweet, bem casado (meaning “well married”), to their guest as they leave.

If you are interested in knowing more about Mexican wedding traditions

Source by Robert Topper