Tips on Dyeable Wedding Shoes

If you are looking for a particular shoe color and cannot find it, dyeable wedding shoes can be an option. While the whole dyed-to-match thing is not as popular for weddings as it once was, it can also be an avenue for getting a fun colored shoe, whether you hope to match or contrast. With the popularity of colorful shoes for brides, it is not only bridesmaids who might need dyeable shoes. These are some tips to ensure that you get the best results from your dyeable wedding shoes.

First and foremost, be sure the shoes you buy are in fact dyeable. Not every pair of white fabric shoes can be dyed. They may have stitching or glue that will not take the color and look very odd. So always check before buying! If you are trying to create a very coordinated effect, from the bridesmaid jewelry to the dress right down to the footwear, it is helpful to pick shoes in a similar material to the dresses. If the dresses are satin, choosing a satin shoe will help you achieve the best color match. For any matte fabric, including chiffon or organza, a crepe shoe will give you the closest color match.

One thing you should know about shopping for shoes to dye is that the shoes may shrink slightly from getting wet during the dying process. The color is applied to the surface of the fabric (the whole shoe is not submerged in liquid), but nonetheless, the item can end up a little smaller in the end. Speaking from experience, if you are between sizes in a style you plan to have dyed, go up to the larger half size. It is far more comfortable to add an insert to a slightly loose shoe than to wear one that is too tight all day. Since you will spend many hours on your feet at a wedding, your feet tend to swell by the end of the day anyway.

When taking shoes to be dyed, the store will need a swatch of the material of your dress. By the way, dyed-to-match is not just for bridesmaids who want their footwear, dresses, and bridesmaid jewelry sets to coordinate. It can be very useful for brides who are wearing ivory or champagne colored wedding gowns. Do be aware that the results should be similar to your original swatch, but they may not be exactly identical. This is to be expected. As long as the color is close, it should look fine. When in doubt, it looks best to have the shoes be a tad bit deeper in hue than the dress. Also, if you choose sandals instead of pumps, any variation in hue will be less noticeable.

Sometimes people wonder if dyed shoes will run. This can be a particular concern for brides who are having their footwear dyed hot pink or bright red as a fun contrast to a white bridal gown. There is a small possibility of some color transfer, particularly if the shoes get wet. It is a good idea to wear different footwear outside if your wedding day is rainy, and then slip into your special shoes once you get inside. Spraying them with a waterproofing spray can help reduce the risk of running, although it may not eliminate it entirely. Shoes which have been sprayed cannot be redyed black after the wedding.

Whether you want a pair of chartruese shoes to add flair to black bridesmaid dresses or simply want to get the right shade of cream to match your bridal gown, dyed-to-match shoes can be a good option. As long as you know the tips for getting the best results, you should be very happy with your customized wedding shoes.

Source by Laura Firenze

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Master of Ceremonies – 5 Questions to Ask to Ensure Success

It is well known that an MC will make or break a wedding reception. Many guests have witnessed a Master of Ceremonies that was not the same standard as the rest of the event.

Unfortunately, this has occurred too often and may lead to fractured relationships, especially if the MC is a personal acquaintance of the bride and groom.

The tradition of using a friend to act as MC has taken a back seat recently with the arrival of professional wedding MC’s. For the couple hosting the reception, hiring an experienced and well-prepared professional gives them peace of mind – and is one less thing to worry about. The rule is (because you only get one chance to get it right): choose your MC carefully.

Ask the following 5 questions to any potential MC’s; whether they are professional or part timers. The answers you receive back will reveal if you are in safe hands:

How many functions have you MC’d before?

Previous corporate experience as a public speaker or business MC is a good sign. But a wedding is about joy and a business event is about profit – so ensure the MC has a ready-to-please smile and a sense of fun.

Otherwise, they need to have MC’d at least 10 weddings to warrant getting paid by you. A background as a music DJ does not really count – unless they have extensive experience building rapport using a microphone.

What references that you can show us?

Most professionals (i.e getting paid for a service) should have at least 10 to 20 letters of recommendation or testimonials from previous clients.

What hotels or venues have you worked at?

Most places are very fussy about who they let their team work with. A list of the previous establishments will quickly tell you what standard the MC is at.

What is your fee?

Professional MC’s always charge for their talent – not their time. Amateurs will quote an hourly fee. A deposit of one third with the remaining to be paid one week before hand at the final interview is the accepted method of transaction.

What training have you had?

For your wedding, you want the best there is. Anyone who is serious about the quality of service they offer, will have at some stage, undertaken some kind of training.

Your Master of Ceremonies should have invested in some of the published books, eBooks, audios and videos as well as public seminars that educate speakers in how to use their skills as MCs.

If you want to get an idea what a professional MC is like, go online and check videos on YouTube of professional wedding emcees. And maybe ask your uncle or talented friend to make a great speech or toast instead.

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Wedding Arches With Flowers to Delight Any Bride

Wedding arches with flowers is one of many wedding flower arrangement ideas that is worthy of your consideration. There are actually many attractive options for using these arches, both with styles of arches and flower applications.

Arches appear in many architectural designs and are a great way to take advantage of the structure to enhance the wedding. Many churches have arches over the front door or along a walkway and some have arches inside. Garlands of greenery with or without flowers are lovely ways to enhance the beauty of these details.

Architectural arches in buildings make great backdrops for outdoor weddings. Some public formal gardens have arches carved in tall shrubbery. What an ideal setting for a wedding. Fresh flowers can be added for an awesome display.

Roses and climbing hydrangea are often grown on wooden or metal arches. If you have enough time to plan well in advance, a potted plant can be trained on an arch and moved to another location for the wedding.

When trees are planted across from each other, they can grow together to form a natural arch. So be aware of the lovely settings that we sometimes overlook when planning an outdoor wedding.

Wooden pergolas make wonderful structures to grow climbing vines such as wisteria, honeysuckle, roses, and passion flowers. With a little planning, you will have a lovely natural and inexpensive backdrop for your wedding.

Smaller arches can be purchased at a garden supply store. They are light weight and easy to decorate. They can be used to train vines and flowers to grow on or cuttings of ivy or boxwood can be wired in place to cover the arch for a beautiful wedding accent.

Flower arrangements really enhance all green arches. They can be as simple as a few roses scattered throughout the greenery or large showy arrangements made in florist containers and attached to the structure. Boughs of gardenia, magnolia or camellia are simple ways to enhance arches and a great price too.

If you wish to create your own arch with greenery, a simple way is to use a rope and attach greenery and flowers. It does take a little time, but it is a huge cost saver for a DIY project. Another fast and easy way is to staple sprigs of greenery directly to a wooden structure. Be sure to submerge the branches in water for several hours to hydrate them. This will keep them from wilting for several days. If the arch will be in full sun, be sure to mist it to keep it fresh.

A flower preservative is a liquid mixture used by florists to extend the life of flowers and greenery. It is available at floral supply stores and florists and will ensure fresh, lush flowers and greenery for your wedding.

To make an ivy “garland” to cover an arch, measure and cut a rope to fit the shape of the arch. Cut sprigs of ivy about six to eight inches long and wire them onto the rope. Start at one end and place the sprigs around the end of the rope. Wire in place. Start the second row a few inches below the first row, but overlap the ends of the sprigs to cover the wire. Flowers can be added after the ivy is in place. Attach the rope garland with wire or staple in place.

Flowers can be added to arches in several different ways depending on how many you will be using. If you want a large arrangement, it is best to use floral foam containers to hold the flowers. There are a variety of containers available.

Berry baskets are great to use and can be taped, wired, or stapled to a frame. They are inexpensive and make great holders for floral foam. The grid shapes also help when designing the arrangements. The baskets can be used alone or in groups for a large arrangement.

Arrangements in floral containers can be rested on top of an archway and secured with florist tape or wire.

As you can see, there are numerous wonderful possibilities when using wedding flowers with arches. When used tastefully as a complement to your overall design you will be delighted with the results.

Source by Janet Weirich

A Traditional Slovenian Wedding

Every country has unique traditions that take place at a wedding. Most often these are diversified as to the customs and religion of the various ethnic groups. Slovenia has such a zest for life and love and their marriages most aptly depict this.

The traditional Slovenian wedding consists of much activity. It all begins in the morning at the Bride’s house. As the morning progresses the wedding guests will begin arriving and gathering outside the house. The groom will also arrive here and will be asked by the guests to participate is some games that will take place prior to the wedding.

One of the most favored of all the pre wedding games is the Kidnapping of the Bride being a most intriguing game. There is such fun and festivity involved in this game. To begin with some of the male villagers will be within the bride’s house. Here they will dress up in the bridal attire pretending to be the Bride. The objective is for them to exit the house and attempt to trick the groom into thinking that they are his real bride to be.

Then the groom must perform some real negotiations for his loved one. The groom must approach one of the Brides male relatives, such as her brother for example. He must bribe this family member with money or some type of household appliance in return for the release of his Bride. Later on the money or appliance is given to the Bride and Groom as a wedding gift. All the time these festive games are going on the rest of the guests are thoroughly enjoying them and enjoying the wine.

When the groom meets the kidnappers of his bride to be, the groom must then prove he is manly enough to take the woman from her village. Some of the feats he will have to perform or more ransom money will have to be produced and he will have to show that he can drink his wine with the best of them.

Then the groom must perform the sragna, meaning he must demonstrate his physical strength by sawing a log. By this time the groom has aptly proven himself as to be a fit catch for his Bride and they are ready to start off to the ceremonies.

An interesting aspect of marriage in Slovenia means not only are they married once but twice. The law of Slovenia stipules the couple must be married in the registry office by a government official. This is the only legalized marriage. A Church wedding in Slovenia is not considered a legal marriage. So to have a church marriage it means the Bride and Groom must go though the ritual of exchanging their vows and rings twice.

So as you can see there are many activities that take place during a traditional wedding in Slovenia. For foreign weddings the only stipulation that must be followed is the legal wedding in the registry. From this point on the couple to be wed can add in any of the other traditions that they choose to incorporate into their wedding.

Source by Saima Sultana

Honeymoon Secrets – Five Ways to Impress Your Wife on the Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the time your spouse expects you to fetch the stars for her. Look for some special romantic ways to impress your brand new wife on honeymoon.

Give The Honeymoon Suite A Personalized Look

The best way to a women’s heart is show your emotional side.

* Illuminate the room with scented candles, potpourri and floating flowers. Ask the room service to place her favorite flowers.

* Alternatively, tell the room service to get a variety of flowers available in the market for the fall wedding season to display a rainbow of floral colors.

* Order the best colorful fall flowers online and get them delivered at the time of arrival at your hotel.

* Get creative by jotting a few romantic lines to eulogize her.

* Surprise her with a Tiffany – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Time for you to benefit from the wisdom of generations!

Let The Music Play On

Get the hotel band to play her favorite mushy romantic numbers. It will take her by surprise and will surely result in her going all ga-ga over you. Instruct the band members to play sultry jazz and country numbers to set up the mood.

Food For Some Romance

Wives love to gorge on meals cooked by their better halves. Take her by surprise by cooking her favorite steak or getting her favorite martini custom made and delivered on a flower decked tray.

Dating Legally

Plan out a surprise poolside date for your wife. Get the entire poolside booked for just the two of you. Stock the area with her favorite wine and champagne. Ensure the pool is decorated with floating candles. Make her feel like the princess she was on her wedding day.

Good Old Ways Of Romance

Flowers always express the emotions without much effort. If you are the kind who’d let your deeds rather than your words do the talking, surprise your wife with a bunch of exotic fall flowers like orchids delivered at the hotel room. This works well as there are many online websites who deliver excellent quality of fall flowers bouquets at discounted rates.

So get ready to surprise your wife and win her heart forever while on your honeymoon!

Source by Jasnav Nagpal

The Best Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets Versus the Least Believable CZ Rings

If you’re buying a set of CZ rings for your engagement or wedding chances are that you’d rather not publicize the fact that you couldn’t afford diamonds. Maybe everyone knows you’re on tight budget and won’t care but you would prefer to have the most believable looking bridal set you can afford. You’re wondering what the best cubic zirconia wedding sets cost, where to buy them, what things you should beware of while shopping, and you’re probably wondering exactly how to decide which sets will look the most believable. Here are some answers:

1. the best cubic zirconia wedding rings and bridal sets are those that are set in 14k gold. Why? Because the best stones will be set in the best metals. The second best will be those set in solid sterling silver. The worst will be the cheapest options, those that are set in base metals with a silver or gold plating, and these are not recommended for a wedding set because they won’t last very long.

2. where to buy the top CZ rings in bridal set designs and wedding creations that look real is easy. There are about 5 online shops that specialize in top quality cubic zirconia bridal quality sets and engagement rings. One of the best for gold items is Apples of Gold, and another is Almost Diamonds, although they tend to specialize in high quality silver creations. A third place to shop is Emitations, but try to choose smaller gemstone designs that look more real. The forth place is Eve’s Addiction, and the fifth shop that is fun to browse and has a wide selection of some of the best CZ sets is Bling Jewelry. Also just in case you want high end and antique styles, you can also try Ross Simons and Fantasy Jewelry Box as well as the JewelBasket. If you can’t find what you need at one of these places, you’ll have to get something custom designed.

3. what you should beware of while shopping for CZ rings that will be an important part of your life, such as weddings sets or engagement rings or anniversary gifts, is that you will not want to buy a very large CZ. Please beware that large stones look more fake than the ones that are under 1 carat in weight. Also, try to choose white or clear gems and not colored ones. Pink and yellow diamonds are rare and expensive and if you’re not wealthy it will be hard to believe you have a real set of pink or yellow diamond wedding rings.

4. so how can you decide which sets will be most believable? It’s very easy. Choose a real diamond set you love that’s not too outrageous, that would be something you might be able to afford….not something from dreamland, but really what might be in your budget if you earned just a little more. Then choose the basic or similar design and stone size in a CZ ring design. Do not choose a wild crazy huge sparkling gemstone and think that everyone will think you’re rich. They won’t. They’ll just think you’ve got poor taste. Also, try to spend more on the band and mounting, by buying real gold, white or yellow, or going with titanium. It’s better to have a smaller CZ in a gold band than a huge stone in a silver mounting.

Source by Nena Argent

Indian Designer Sarees Add Meaning in Wedding Season

No matter who wears a saree, a touch of femininity and a sense of elegance are highlighted and portrayed. Women who are fascinated with the idea of wearing their most preferred saree looks effortlessly gorgeous when they finally wear one.

This is because designer sarees are crafted and designed intricately to make every woman look stunning especially on their wedding day. Wearing designer sarees has been a long time tradition in India and Indian wedding dresses are known for their salient styles and finish. Plus, the opportunity to exhibit exquisiteness and glamour at the same time can be achieved when you include a saree in your wardrobe.

Designer Sarees Open New Possibilities

At present, Indian designers and fashion inventors regard designer sarees with significance. There is no question that every saree designed sets trend and the wedding sarees designers are gaining more dignity. Genius designers gather and put their designs together to come up with an outstanding saree design that will set a new milestone in all Indian saree collections.

The creativity that is emphasized in every saree is seen in Bollywood films to promote and push quality designs that will add new meaning and fresh ideas in wedding couture. So, when Bollywood movies include the wearing of a specific design of saree, a new option of possibility is revealed.

The Famous saree Designers to Look Out For

Sabyasachi, Shantanu-Nikhil, Ritu Kumar, and Tarun Tahiliani are four of the most prominent designers of designer sarees. And if there are professional amateurs to also look out for, they are Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, and Vikram Phadnis. Their contributions in setting a new trend and style in creating and crafting sarees collection are notable.

If you want to become informed about the latest additions in every saree collection, you can check out bridal dresses designs that have carefully draped and pre-stitched sarees. The lehenga sarees have also created an impact as it dominates the fashion runways that highlight the newest collections this wedding season.

Creative Ideas for Your Designer Sarees

If you welcome the idea of experimenting and wearing unique sarees that feature rare patterns, textures, and designs, explore the saree bridal wear market more. Then, you will be immersed with the different parts of saree designing and tailoring. It will be safe to admit that designer sarees are the results of an art making that has definitely captured the interests of fashion savvy people from across the world.

At present, new designs and cuts and artistic look are dominating the fashion scenes in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, France, and Australia. And if you will learn more about the plethora of collections and designs of designer sarees, you will become more particular with the fabrics and accessories to be used in finishing a specific saree.

Finally, go for finely-tuned sarees that are embroidered carefully to enhance the beauty of the saree. And if you want to add personal touch, you can use pearls, sequins, rhinestones and other precious stones to make your saree a complete treasure. Then, you have to be specific with your motif as well to make everything well-polished.

Source by Sanjeev Gogna

How to Plan a Barn Dance

Barn dances have become very popular for all kinds of events from wedding receptions through to corporate events, birthday parties and village fetes – even prom nights!. I believe their popularity is due to the fact that people of all ages enjoy these events equally. Here is my guide to planning and running a successful event.

The Venue

Barn dances rarely take place in barns, so there is no overpowering need to go and find a friendly farmer and get him to lend you his barn. In fact barns can make very poor venues (unless specifically prepared or designed for such events) as there are often no amenities such as toilets etc. They can also have a tenancy to get a little cold and they can be quite dusty when the dancers start to kick up the dust from the floor unless the barn has been meticulously swept and cleaned beforehand. It is sometimes better to pick a venue such as a village hall, school hall or a large hotel. If the barn dance is for a wedding then a room in the hotel where the wedding reception is being held is usually the norm. The band will also need room to set up their equipment. Ask them how much equipment they have and how much room they will need. You wouldn’t be able to get say a five piece band with a drum-kit onto a stage that is only designed for a duo. Always make sure that there is ample room for the dancers to dance. A barn dance will need a bigger dance floor than a disco. Ask the venue how large the dancing area is.

Choosing a band

Most barn dance bands have a website these days where you can hear snippets of their music or see videos of their live performances. Choose your band to suit the occasion and the likely taste of your guests. Remember that a barn dance band also has to be listened to as well as danced to.

Barn dance bands come in an array of different forms from the traditional accordion, guitar and fiddle arrangement to the more rock and roll type electric barn dance bands. Most bands will sing a song between the dances so that there is always some entertainment throughout the dance. The more rock and roll end of the bands will usually have a few rock and roll numbers for the end of the night and be able to “mix things up” a little to suit everyone.

When choosing a band it is true to say that you get what you pay for. Do not choose on cost alone. It may be better to pay more than you expected to get an evening that everyone remembers for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones. Nearly all barn dance bands come complete with a caller, but always remember to ask if this is the case. Make sure your bands equipment is PAT tested and the band has Public Liability Insurance. This is becoming obligatory in many venues and all barn dance bands should carry such insurance.


Most dances have some form of food for the guests. It can be a simple buffet, a hotpot or even a hog-roast at a larger event. The food break is usually planned to be about halfway in the proceedings. So if the dance started at 8pm then the buffet would start to be served around 9.30pm. Some venues insist you use their own caterers. Check on this beforehand.

You will also need a bar at your event. There are exceptions such as church socials etc where this is deemed inappropriate. Ask if the venue has a bar or whether you will have to bring one in to cover your event.

What happens during a barn dance?

The band will arrive in ample time to set up their equipment for the barn dance and do a preliminary sound check to make sure all is well. Although the dance may have been designated to commence at a certain time a band cannot perform if not enough people are there on time. This is something that always needs to be taken into consideration.

Before the evenings entertainment commences, the Caller will contact the organiser to do a final check on the start time, and the timing of any breaks etc. It is usual for the band to perform two separate period with a break in the middle.

During the dance your guests will be requiring a few rests between the dances.Most bands entertain with songs between the dance numbers to ensure that there are never any awkward silences. During the interval, between their first time of performance and the next, the band usually provides background music on their sound system. If not, then the venue can usually provide this for you.

If a buffet or hot food is to be served during the night, the interval is usually the best time for the refreshments. This is also often the time organisers to make any speeches or give any gifts or prizes.

Make sure your bands equipment is PAT tested and the band has Public Liability Insurance. This is becoming obligatory in many venues and all barn dance bands should carry such insurance.

When the performance commences, the Caller will invite the guests on to the dance floor and will “walk through” all the barn dance moves before the actual dance begins. Following commencement of the dance, the Caller will continue to call out the moves throughout the dance (so no one needs to have a good memory). And remember, mistakes only add to the fun and jollity!

Barn dances can be great fun for all ages. Enjoy planning your event!

Source by David Hayzee Hayes

5 Useful Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography is a very high pressure and stressful type of photography. While other types of photography can be more difficult, with a wedding there is only a single opportunity to get the shot right. The bride and groom will be very emotionally invested in the quality of the photos, which means that a very careful and professional approach is required.

Here are several useful tips that can help the wedding photographer:


A major aspect of wedding photography is to communicate with the bride and groom and fully appreciate their requirements. By discussing the requirements ahead of time it is possible to find out what the couple expects from the photos, and also lets the photographer give guidance on what they are able to deliver.

Scout the location

To be better prepared for the wedding day it certainly helps for the photographer to scout the location of the ceremony and reception. It can benefit to visit the location at a similar time to when the wedding is taking place to get a full appreciation of the lighting. Taking several test shots can also help to understand the picture quality and find the best places to take the shots. If there are any potential problems, they can usually be solved before the wedding day.

Also, learn the location rules. For instance, there are many churches that forbid the use of flash photography while the ceremony is taking place.

Create a shot list

A well-planned shot list is certain to make sure the wedding photography goes as smoothly as possible. The shot list is a great reference for the ceremony or reception to avoid forgetting any key shots during a very hectic schedule. This list can be referred to the couple to ensure it fully matches their specific needs.

Carry extra equipment

It is possible to avoid issues with equipment failure by packing the extra camera, cards and batteries. It is useful to take at least two cameras and multiple memory cards for the wedding shots. It could be a complete disaster if any piece of equipment fails at a wedding because there would not be time to run out and replace it.

Make use of an assistant

An assistant to help with the wedding photography can be helpful for a variety reasons, including the ability to lessen the chance of missing important shots and to gather family members together when it comes to posing in the group shots.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

Why Does My Indian Matrimonial Ceremony Need a Wedding Planner?

Especially in an Indian matrimonial setting, the amount of planning and organizing that goes into is gets extremely overwhelming. For starters, Indian families are typically much larger and every single guest needs to be given the best kind of hospitality. Additionally, marriages in India consist of more than just the wedding ceremony and reception and require a lot of co-ordination and energy to make sure that each one is executed with the best possible resources and within a stipulated budget.

Taking off the Load

Hiring a wedding planning will take off a big load of burden from you and your family, thus helping you make sure that you are able to throw the best wedding parties and also enjoy them without worrying about the decoration and the caterers and the million other things that need to be taken care of on the day of and during the Indian matrimonial ceremonies.

Wedding Experts within a Budget:

Hiring a good wedding planner is like hiring an expert. All you have to do is spell out your budgets and expectations out of the wedding, and they are sure to take care of everything ranging from decoration, caterers, invitations, hospitality of guests, transport, and even hotel stay. Additionally, they will take care of all your entertainment, venue and even help you pick the perfect menu for all your events.

A Traditional Indian Setting

Most expert wedding planners are so professional and well versed with an Indian matrimonial system and its traditions, that they would also be able to arrange for the right priests for the correct ceremonies if required.

If you feel like hosting a different kind of wedding, they could also pull out resources to execute an excellent theme wedding which will remain in the memories of all your guests for years to come.

The Bride

Additionally, many wedding planners help brides achieve the best look by accompanying them to appointments with the make-up artists, designers and even offer assistance with trousseau shopping.

You could make effective use of their network of designers in clothes and jewellery to give your daughter the best possible trousseau sets that fit well within your range of budget.

Communicating with Your Wedding Planner

To be able to effectively execute an excellent event, you need to help your planner by communicating to him or her exactly what it is that you have in mind. Talk about your expectations out of the event, how many people you intend to host, how much are you willing to spend and what ideas you have in terms of d├ęcor, venue, food etc. If possible move around with the planner a little to understand what is popular in the market place and even show him pictures if possible if you come across concepts you like.

Wedding planners understand how important this day is for the family members as well as the bride and groom and will do everything in their capacity to make this day truly special for you and your family.

Source by Anis Ahmed